1.       Since 1996 - present, Bureau Salamé (Antelias).

Owner: Mr. Georges Salamé, Architect & Landscaper.


2.       Private projects:


2.1       First prize winner of Rihane public park competition (2002).


2.2       Designed projects:

·   Landscape masterplan guidelines for the School & Convent of Mar Elias (Ghazir-2005)

·   Women’s coorporation (Deir El-Ahmar-2003).

·   Tyre natural reserve (Tyre 2003).

·   Residence of Dr. Jean Lahoud (Faytroun-2001).

(Preliminary project).

·   Garden of the Besancon school (Beirut-1999)

·   Public parc at Jdeideh.


2.3       Designed, executed & supervised projects:

·   Garden of Wardieh church (Hamra-September 2006).

·   Design of Hawa electronics offices & showroom (Adonis-November 2005).

·   West Hall Landscape project (American University of Beirut-January 2002).

·   Interior design of the apartment of Mr. Charbel Hawa (Ghadir-Mar Faouka-June 2002).

·   Restoration & Interior Design of a network games & internet space for MMS. Hawa (Ghadir-Mar Faouka-2001).


3.       May - September 1996, Office of Mr. Claude Samaha, Architect & teacher at the ALBA.

Project: Renovation of a school at Bmakine.




1.       Consultancy Work: Consultant Architect & Landscaper to FPDU (Facilities Planning and Design Unit – AUB) since 2002 on all on-going projects at AUB & AUMC (American University Medical Center).

Member of AUB Landscape committee (Amical).

Designing, supervising & coordinating all landscaping projects at AUB campus & AUMC.

2.       Teaching Activities:

Instructor at the American University of Beirut in the Landscape Design & Eco-Management Department from 2002 to 2004.

Professor at ALBA (Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts/2005). Course : Initiation au Paysage.

3.       Fields of Research:

3.1     In Architecture :

·   Naval Base at Dbayeh.

·   Town planning of Jounieh Old Souk and Coast.

3.2     In Landscaping :

·   Town planning of Ajaltoun Center.

·   History of Gardens

4.       Attended Exhibitions and Seminars:

4.1.   Jardin et Paysage (Trade Exhibition for Gardening, Parks and Open Spaces, Plants and Urban Planning. Parc des Expositions, Paris, 2003).

·   "Nature in the city", Public views on urban green spaces.

4.2.   Professional Project Management (Certificate of attendance, January 2004)

4.3.   Jardin et Paysage (Exhibition for Gardening, Parks and Open Spaces, Plants and Urban Planning. Parc des Expositions, Paris, 2005).

1. Vegetabled roofing and terraces.

2. Which urban furniture for parks and public gardens?

3. "Le mieux disant" in parks and open spaces markets

4. The plants reasoned protection

5. COLLOQUIUM: "Do we need trees in the city?"

5.       Publications: Article about irrigation and water supply for Deco Magazine





·      Feb. 1991 - Jan. 1999, Master’s degree (MA). in Architecture - "Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts",(ALBA), (Sin-El-Fil/Balamand), "Diplôme d'Etudes Supérieures en Architecture " (D.E.S.).

The Diploma of high studies in Architecture (D.E.S.) given by the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA) is recognized in France by virtue of the degree of May 15 – 2001, issued by the French culture and communication ministry .

Decree (NOR: MCCE0100315A): With a view to a registration in a regional roll of the architects’ Labor Union, the Lebanese architect’s diplomas delivered by the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Balamand (Lebanon), are recognized.

·         Oct. 1999 - July 2001, D.E.S.S in landscaping - Lebanese University,

Furn-El-Chebak, “Diplôme d’Etudes Supérieures Spécialisées en Architecture des Jardins.” (MA2)